MD Skincare All In One Facial Cleanser with Toner

June 11, 2009


I was sure finding the perfect cleanser would be a lifelong quest, but this one does it all and works great.It was recommended to me by a co-worker and I'm now constantly recommending it to others.- AngelicaThis gentle, yet thorough cleanser not only removes dirt, stubborn makeup, and excess oil, but tones at the same time.Natural witch hazel does the toning, without stripping the skin, while chamomile soothes, and essential fatty acids and vitamin E restore and protect skin's natural moisture barrier.For all skin types, even the most sensitive.Because it dissolves eye makeup, including waterproof mascara, quickly without stinging or blurring eyes, ideal for contact lens wearers.Benefits:3 in 1 product (cleanser/toner/makeup remover)Removes even waterproof makeup and sunscreens and keeps pores clean and unclogged.Self-adjusts to your skin type which can vary with seasons and climate.Directions For Use:Apply onto dry skin with clean, dampened hands.


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