Actifirm Z Peel 30 Percent Plus

June 11, 2009


This gel exfoliator gently sloughs off one damaged skin cell at a time without ever passing the irritation threshold by using a combination of polyurethane spheres and Actifirm??s exclusive Actizyme 3M-M.Actizyme 3M-M contains a self-regulating smart” peptide derived from the precious Mucor Miehei mushroom, a powerful botanical that gently and selectively exfoliates dead and damaged skin cells by mimicking the skin??s own internal shedding process, only more effectively. This exfoliation increases epidermal thickness and hides existing spots.Directions For Use:Smooth on face and neck. Apply with gentle upward motion and massage gently into the skin for three minutes. Rinse thoroughly after treatment is finished.”


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