BABOR INTELLIZYME Biological Exfoliation

June 11, 2009


Previously only available as part of the popular BABOR INTELLI-ZYME Trio, INTELLI-ZYME Biological Exfoliation contains 'intelligent' enzymes that target only dead skin cells that slow down healthy cell renewal – the cause of dull, sluggish complexions. In just one treatment, your skin will instantly appear smoother and fresher.BABOR's INTELLI-ZYME is all-natural and contains no abrasive particles, no chemicals and no harsh acids. Unlike mechanical scrubs or acid peels, it works bioactively to loosen and dissolve dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. These intelligent enzymes know the difference between living tissue and nonactive cells so they can exfoliate completely without harming the skin.Directions For Use:Use in the morning and evening.Pour enough of the powder into your hand to cover the palm, add warm water and emulsify to create a foamy consistency.Apply generously to the face, neck and decollete, emulsify again with water and then rinse off thoroughly.


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