Blinc Resurfastic Face

June 11, 2009


Blinc's resurf.a.stic is the original, one-step innovation that combines hydration and long-lasting, skin-enriching treatment with professional-quality microdermabrasion. Medical-grade, diamond-shaped crystals that are equally efficient on all sides are embedded in a unique stick form, making resurf.a.stic. Benefits:Specially formulated for delicate facial skin.Effectively minimizes the appearance of dark spots and sun-damaged skin.Contains additional natural healing and moisturizing ingredients such as Cactus and Orchid.Directions For Use:Wet stick and pre-moisten face with water.Gently press stick on skin and move in a light circular motion for one to twominutes. Greater or lesser exfoliation could be achieved by simply increasing orreducing pressure.Use edge for hard to reach areas like nose and upper lip.Rinse the treated area with water and pat dry.Rinse stick and close cap after use.


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