CellexC Betaplex Line Smoother

June 11, 2009


Restore a healthy looking, translucent, smoothness and color to the skin with this crystal clear, oil-free gel containing a powerful combination (15%) of alpha hydroxy acids.Regular use will help stimulate new skin cells to the surface by encouraging dry, lifeless old cells to fall away.Benefits:Healthy, young looking skin has a texture that reflects light like the surface of a diamond, it is silky smooth to the touch, and has a healthy, rosy glow. Photo damaged and intrinsically aged skin no longer sheds dead skin cells at the same frequency as young skin. The result is a build-up of opaque skin cells creating the dry, devitalized, flat complexion??typical of old looking skin??which hides the fresh, new layer of skin beneath. It is this new surface that is revealed with regular use of Betaplex. Regular use will dramatically reduce the visible signs of aging??rough, opaque, lifeless looking skin, fine surface lines and wrinkles.


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