CellexC Speed Peel Facial Gel

June 11, 2009


Speed Peel Facial Gel is a pale, leaf-green, mint-fragranced formulation, containing natural exfoliating agents and enzymes in an oil-free, hydrating gel. Designed specifically for the face to provide fast, thorough exfoliation of superficial skin cells.At the same time, it remains remarkably comfortable to use.Benefits:Unique proprietary formulation reveals freshly exfoliated skin, buffed to a beautiful healthy, rosy gleam, normally associated with youthful looking skin.Humectants and skin conditioners produce moist, supple skin. Helps reduce the appearance of blackheads and minimizes large pores and rough textured skin. May be used by men and women. Suitable for all skin types. Immediate visible results plus smooth moist texture. Regular use creates the appearance of younger looking skin by removing the rough, opaque, superficial skin cells characteristic of devitalized, older skin.Directions For Use:Apply to your face 20 minutes after cleansing.


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