MD Skincare Creamy Cleansing Polish with Jojoba Beads

June 11, 2009


This product meets our natural beauty standards with a high concentration of quality natural botanicals while keeping harsh chemicals to a minimum.Creamy Cleansing Polish with Jojoba Beads uses organic aloe and natural ingredients to produce a gentle, foaming latherthat washes away toxins and environmental impurities. Nourishing jojoba beads and papaya extract provide gentleexfoliation and cleansing while natural botanicals firm and hydrate.Benefits:Botanical infusions fortify skin with moisturizing nutrients.Creates a protective barrier against environmental aggressors.Chelators help to remove heavy metals left on skin by water.Ginger Root provides anti-inflammatory benefits.Paraben, Mineral Oil and fragrance free.Directions For Use:Apply to damp washcloth or foam up directly in palms. Apply to wet skin in a circular motion, massaging upward. Rinsethoroughly.


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