Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Exfoliating Cloths

June 11, 2009


the microdelivery exfoliating cloths are designed to provide exfoliating benefits while helping deep clean pores and promote an overall healthy skin condition.for a light exfoliation, use the microdelivery exfoliating cloths with purity made simple.for the ultimate exfoliation, use the cloths with the microdelivery exfoliating treatment need this product if:you want to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and want exfoliating benefits in the form of a want to improve the efficacy of moisturizers and treatment products. you want to deeply clean your skin.directions for use:simply dispense a generous amount of purity made simple or the microdelivery treatment wash onto the exfoliating cloth and with gentle pressure, massage one area of the face at a time, using no more than 10 gentle strokes per area.International CustomersPhilosophy products cannot be shipped to the U.K.


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