Bliss Baggage Handler

June 11, 2009


Hands and bags down the best bet for fighting persistent puff or temporary post-party peeper-fatigue. Cucumber and cornflower extracts and fine-line-whittling wheat proteins reduce incumbent wrinkles and help you look bright-eyed when you feel bushed and paled.Benefits:Firming Wheat & Amino Acids reduce undereye bloat.Instantly reduces visible wrinkling.Lightweight, ultra-thin gel that glides on easily and absorbs into the skin.Instant soothing for tired morning eyes.Instant and long term hydration throughout the day.Directions For Use: Apply a small, concentrated amount of bliss baggage handler under and around each eye, to stuff your morning 'puff'. Combine with bliss all around eye cream on top, or each evening for total undereye treatment.


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