Korres Evening Primrose Eye Cream

June 11, 2009


This product meets our natural beauty standards with a high concentration of quality natural botanicals while keeping harsh chemicals to a minimum. Korres Evening Primrose Eye Creameye creamfor the reduction of fine linesand dark circlesSPF 6ActionA velvety cream that shields and brightens up the eye area. Evening primrose, in combination with vitamin C, reduces the transepidermal loss of moisture and stimulates collagen synthesis, thus plumping fine lines. The synergistic action of vitamin K1 and Ruscus strengthens the venous walls and promotes blood microcirculation illuminating the under-eye area and gradually erasing dark circles. The natural sunscreen Zinc oxide prevents premature skin ageing, while diffusing a light whitening concealer-like effect. Use Apply the cream daily around the eyes.


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