Perricone MD Ceramic Eye Smoother

June 11, 2009


N.V. Perricone Ceramic Eye Smoother is a hybrid oil free gel designed to be the last step in your eye care regimen and the first step before makeup application. The lightweight and velvety texture is gentle to the delicate skin around the eyes.You will visibly see the instant improvements in your eye area as a result of ceramic microspheres that fill in and improve the look of fine lines. Ceramic Eye Smoother contains an invisible light-reflecting tint that brightens the shadows and creates a luminous effect around the eye area. Effectiveanti-aging and anti-inflammatory ingredients improve firmness and protect against environmental damage.Benefits:Provides long lasting protection against environmental damage.Reduces skin discolorations and surface stress.Creates a firm look and feel to the skin.Corrects the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores.Maintains moisture and brightens skin around the eye.


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