AFA Skin Care Toner

June 11, 2009

Toners / Clarifiers

Fortified with Dead Sea minerals, this toning mist soothes, cools and refreshes skin when used as a part of the AFA Daily regimen. This toner-mist, when used after cleansing, helps dilute any residual chlorine or chemical build-up on the face incurred while rinsing with tap water. This ultra-fine toning mist can also be used to set make-up.Benefits:Helps to create radiant, healthier-looking skin.Helps to restore skin's natural balance.Alcohol free and pH balanced.Directions For Use:After cleansing, rinsing and drying skin, lightly mist with the AFA toner-mist. Skin may then be blotted dry or allowed to air dry prior to applying the appropriate AFA moisturizer in the morning, or prior to applying the AFA Exfoliating Gel in the evening.


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