Bliss The Youth As We Know It Toner

June 11, 2009

Toners / Clarifiers

This swell gel-lotion kills a few birds with one tone as it rebalances your skin's PH, removes the last traces of cleanser (all the better to boost the effectiveness of anything applied after) and is chock-full of ingredients known to brighten, boost moisture, soothe redness and protect collagen.Benefits:Stabilizes the pH level of skin after contact with water, which makes levels less than ideal for maximum absorption of products to follow.Maintains skin firmness, strength and suppleness, encourages collagen production, and promotes skin clarity.Helps to decrease redness and stimulate metabolic activity to increase cellular oxygenation.Engineered to slow transepidermal water loss (skin moisture lost by evaporation into the atmosphere) while binding water to skin for continuous hydration.Increases cell renewal, encourages collagen production and boosts skin elasticity and hydration.


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