Janson Beckett Facial Skin Prep

June 11, 2009

Toners / Clarifiers

Using AH3 HexaPeptide Facial Skin Prep in combination with our HexaPeptide products will dramatically improve and accelerate your results. Fine lines and depth of wrinkles are diminished ?? leaving skin soft, supple, resilient, and appearing years younger.Prep your skin with AH3 HexaPeptide Facial Skin Prep before you apply AlphaDerma CE and/or OkuSil ?? otherwise you??re not getting the optimum results. Sluggish cell energy, and thus, sluggish cellular response, can hinder peptide effectiveness. Using AH3 HexaPeptide Facial Skin Prep, under AlphaDerma CE and/or OkuSil, not only overcomes skin??s natural resistance it greatly improves skin response even if it was good to begin with.Directions For Use:1. Cleanse and dry face.2. Apply Facial Skin Prep and let dry.3. Follow-up with AlphaDerma CE and/or OkuSil immediately after the Facial Skin Prep dries.


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