SensiClear Balancing Toner

June 11, 2009

Toners / Clarifiers

SensiClear Balancing Toner rejuvenates, firms, and lifts away any remaining residue, while hydrating and balancing the skin's surface. It helps to create optimum results from the treatment lotion.Benefits:Rejuvenates and firms skin.Hydrates and balances the skin's surface.Lifts away any remaining residue.SensiClear is the only acne treatment system with the patented ingredient Retextra, making it the most advanced treatment product for acne available without a prescription.Unlike the leading acne treatment systems, SensiClear products do not contain benzoyl peroxide, which can cause drying, flaking and skin irritation. The SensiClear system is effective, yet extremely gentle.Directions For Use:Apply toner with a cotton ball or pad. Allow it to dry. Use twice daily or as needed. Follow with the Blemish Free Acne Treatment Lotion.


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