Sothys Softening Lotion

June 11, 2009

Toners / Clarifiers

The first step in fighting against aging is to properly clean the skin well. A proper and complete cleansing process entails a pH balanced cleanser and toner.Sothys Softening Lotion is specially formulated for dry skin, this lotion removes any residue left over and balances the pH of the skin.Prolongs ideal hydration by limiting water evaporation with honey extract. Since ancient times, honey has been known as an antiseptic substance and an excellent barrier against moisture loss.Benefits:Removes any residues left over and balances the pH of the skin.Suitable for dry skin types.Prolongs an ideal hydration by limiting water evaporation.Directions For Use:Apply to the face and neck after using the Softening Beauty Milk with a cotton pad. Repeat several times until perfectly clean. Then dry carefully.


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