Astara Activated Antioxidant Infusion

June 11, 2009


This product meets our natural beauty standards with a high concentration of quality natural botanicals while keeping harsh chemicals to a minimum. AAI??s little miracle comes from years of searching high ?? low ?? and deep, deep into the Andean Mountains to source the world's most profound plant extract for the skin. And guess what? They found it! An orchid (Epidendrum Ibuguense) whose secrets are so amazing it is revered as the orchid of Eternal Youth” by villagers (most of whom are centurions) who live close to where it is grown.This penetrating treatment is dynamically energized to enhance cellular renewal, protect delicate facial tissues from damage as well as prevent signs of aging. Laced with ABC (Activated Botanical Complex) and a powerful combination of White and Green Tea extracts, Astara's Activated Antioxidant Infusion is a superb antioxidant system bathed in vitamins A, E and stabilized C.”


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