BABOR Wrinkle Filler

June 11, 2009


The innovative alternative to subcutaneous injections. Plumps up your wrinkles from the inside out. BABOR's Hyaluronic Filling Spheres are microscopic spheres made from freeze-dried hyaluronic acid that infuses into the skin.As soon as the spheres come in contact with moisture, they swell up and fill out the hollows beneath the wrinkles. As a result the wrinkles are pushed outward. The wrinkle filler takes effect in about an hour and lasts all day.BenefitsHas an instantly firming effect as it forms a network-like structure on the skin, smoothing out wrinkles Perfect as a make-up baseStrengthens the collagen structure Protects the cells against oxidative stress Lasts all dayRegular application improves the skin's matrix by stimulating collagen synthesisBabor's Wrinkle Filler is formulated to work with your daily moisturizing cream.


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