Bliss Instant Mattification Gel

June 11, 2009


A mattifying gel-powder formula which contains sebum-activating oil control spheres which regulate oil production effectively and create a smooth, poreless, natural matte finish. Instant mattification keeps oil-rich skin in check and ensures that skin 'shows no glow' all day.Benefits:Concentrated anti-clog formula instantly reduces visible pore size and creates a matte finish.Soaks up oil with self-activating salicylic acid.Smartsponge technology (oil control spheres) regulates sebum production to minimize surface oil and shine.Non-drying formula.Can be applied over makeup without distributing it.Directions For Use:Apply a thin layer of Bliss Instant Mattification Gel as often as necessary throughout the day to curb chronically oily areas, repress any 'rise in shine', or for pimple-prone-pore clog prevention. Works as perfectly when applied to clean skin as over makeup.


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