Bliss The Youth As We Know It Concentrate

June 11, 2009


This potent serum is all hopped up with Hydroplex-3(the same trio of professional-strength moisturizing ingredients used in Bliss' The Youth As We Know It in-spa facial), which has been encapsulated to work both on contact and over time.It also contians pearl extract and potent skin radiance boosters. So, if you fancy a luminous glow, plumper and smoother-looking skin and a rash of compliments (hey, who doesn't?), look no further.Benefits:Provides skin-firming properties with amino acids, calcium and a cocktail of minerals essential for hydrolipidic barrier function.Promotes long-lasting water retention and skin regeneration, effectively reducing the appearance of wrinkles via hydration.Increases rate of cell renewal without irritation, promotes overall clarity and brightness.Helps decrease redness and stimulate metabolic activity to increase cellular oxygenation, restoring skin's radiant glow.


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