Donell Super Skin Lightening Gel

June 11, 2009


Improves the appearance of spots, also known as lentigines, caused by the sun and aging. By using an effective blend of the most potent skin lighteners, it dissolves and impedes the formation of hyperpigmentation. Results should be expected in 3-4 weeks. Directions for use: Use a tiny drop at night only, 2 hours before bedtime. Testing a small area is recommended. In some people, spots may slightly darken or get irritated after use. This can be normal, as the dark spots (cells) dry out before they peel or flake off. Some redness may occur. If severe redness or irritation occurs, stop use until all traces of redness or irritation are gone. Start again twice weekly only and increase gradually. While you are treating the hyperpigmentation, avoid products containing exfoliants (AHAs, enzymes), retinoids (Vitamin A, Retin A), or Vitamin C on the areas you are treating. Certain medications, both prescription and over the counter, can also make you more sensitive to the sun.


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