Donell Super Skin Rosacea Therapy

June 11, 2009


A specially formulated emollient cream* that provides ongoing relief from Rosacea flare-ups and improves the skin's appearance. Hyaluronic acid contributes exceptional hydration to keep the face moist. Rosacea Therapy diminishes erythema, dryness and itching caused by flushing. Also reduces facial swelling and the stinging/burning pain of flare-ups. As a non-steroidal topical, Rosacea Therapy can be used for long-term therapy with no skin atrophy or other deleterious side effects. Continuous use may limit flare-ups, slow the progress of the disease and reduce the amount of antibiotics needed. Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and non-irritating. Prescribe alone or in conjunction with IPL therapy or retinoic acid therapy to accelerate its therapeutic activity and minimize side effects.Directions for use:Apply Rosacea Therapy to cleansed skin morning, evening and as needed or directed by your physician.


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