Euoko W31 Extreme White Concentrate Ampoules

June 11, 2009


This product is part of the W (Whitening) line which promises to deliver a flawless, translucent, white and even skin tone.This 4-week ampoule program set with advanced polypeptide concentrate and encapsulated multi-actives helps to depigment skin and restore an evenly white appearance. This superb skin lightening treatment makes no compromise in selecting the safest, rarest and most effective active ingredients that have been clinically tested and documented.Benefits:Arbutin PML helps to inhibit melanin formation.Tyrostat-9 helps to reduce existing skin pigmentations.Kalahari Watermelon helps to decrease redness caused from the sun.Hyaluronic Acid provides maximal skin hydration.RETexture minimizes sunlight-induced aging and combats acne.Ceramide IIIA helps to improve skin tone and clarity.Directions For Use:Apply evenly over the entire face or on dark areas in the morning and in the evening. Follow with a moisturizer and a sunscreen in the morning.


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