HydroPeptide Face Intensive Concentrate AntiAging Corrective Creme

June 11, 2009


HydroPeptide Face Intensive Concentrate Anti-Aging Corrective Creme combines all the essential elements that make a skin care regimen effective. It's the first in its class to incorporate 3 cremes (complexes) into 1, easy-to-use formula. Each complex performs synergistically to stimulate significant results for the past, present and future of your skin.Highly-concentrated with six peptides. Each peptide performs a distinct task at the epidermis and works indirectly with the dermis to help diminish the look of serious lines and wrinkles. BenefitsContains 3 anti-aging cremes in 1 to replenish immediately, restore over time and prevent forever.Peptides naturally stimulate elements of youthful skin, such as: collagen, elastin, etc.Antioxidants protect the skin from free radical damage and curb collagen breakdown.Growth factors regenerate new skin cells, blood vessels, collagen and elastin.Retinol helps exfoliate and speed cell turnover.Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis.


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