MD Forte Skin Rejuvenation Lotion III Duo

June 11, 2009


A $135 ValueSkin Rejuvenation Lotion III contains a high concentration of Glycolic Compound, antioxidants, and Retinol to form the most powerful skin product available.The addition of an anti-irritant complex minimizes the irritation of the Glycolic and Retinol combination.Benefits:Contains 30% Glycolic Compound.Contains Vitamins A and E.Contains Retinol.Formulated with an anti-irritant to minimizes irritation.Non-comedogenic.Dermatologist tested.Due to the level of Glycolic Compound and the addition of retinol, Level III should be reserved for individuals who have used a high-level glycolic-based product for 4 to 6 months.Directions For Use:Cleanse skin and pat dry. Apply liberally to the face and neck one to two times daily as recommended. Avoid the eye area. Use this product only after using Skin Rejuventation Lotion II for 2-4 months.


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