MD Skincare HydraPure Antioxidant Firming Serum

June 11, 2009


By combining the benefits of the Hydra-Pure Chelating Complex® with a cocktail of antioxidants that stimulate AND prevent collagen breakdown, this serum can provide the equivalent of laser resurfacing to the skin.” – Dr. Dennis GrossMD Skincare's Hydra-Pure® Antioxidant Firming Serum contains fourteen collagen-building ingredients in one product.Multiple active ingredients penetrate the skin, through a micro-encapsulated delivery system, to literally resurface the skin by intensifying the delivery of all ingredients.In addition, the formula contains the added benefit of the Hydra-Pure Chelating Complex®, which detoxifies skin and organifies the heavy metals found in tap water. Antioxidants do not have the ability to neutralize heavy metals. Only chelators are able to neutralize heavy metals on the skin. Detoxification is enhanced through the unique delivery system of the serum.”


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